Experience and Practice

“The life of the law has not been logic. It has been experience.”– Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Matt has handled a wide range of civil litigation matters in the federal and state courts during the course of his thirty-five year legal career. While focused on business and employment related issues and disputes, he always seeks diversity in his practice and is interested and engaged in applying his well-honed analytical and strategic skills to fresh areas of the law.

While at Georgetown, he held a unique year-round position with the Washington, D.C. office of a national labor and employment firm, where part of his responsibilities involved reporting monthly on legislative and judicial developments concerning the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act. He has remained involved in representing Defendants and Plaintiffs in ERISA matters, handling pension and disability administrative appeals, and claims in the United States District Court.

After graduating law school, Matt was an associate and junior partner in the Litigation Department of a large Boston firm for nine years. The cases on which he worked included a variety of matters in a wide range of business and industry sectors, including the real estate, finance, retail, chemical, manufacturing, aviation, higher education, law enforcement, numismatic, and other industries. With an emphasis on serving clients facing business related disputes and employment related disputes, during this time period Matt’s practice extended more broadly to include more diverse practice areas, such as wrongful death and personal injury.

After starting his own practice in 1993, Matt has continued to focus his legal expertise on business and employment matters, while also continuing to accept new and different challenges.

In business related disputes, he has represented numerous corporate and individual plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of situations – some resulting in litigation and some resolved through mediation, arbitration or settlement. He has advised clients on and litigated over breach of contract, interference with contractual relations, non-compete agreements, freeze-out situations, UCC matters, partnership and closely held corporation disputes, trust disputes, deposit disputes, specific performance, joint venture issues, attorney malpractice, unfair trade practice claims, consumer protection claims, and unfair claims settlement practices.

While some lawyers represent only employers or only employees, Matt regularly represents employers and employees in Court, and at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, in all types of employment related matters, a practice which results in valuable perspective and insight as to seeking and securing the best outcome for all of his clients. For instance, he has represented clients on either side of wage act claims, other wage and hour issues, discrimination claims (e.g., age, sex, handicap, sexual orientation, national origin, race), harassment claims, compensation issues, change in control or key employee agreement disputes, severance package negotiations, disability and handicap law, access to public accommodations cases, reasonable accommodation issues, medical leave and family medical leave. Of course, this now includes the range of issues that come up related to COVID19, including the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, EFMLEA and EPSLA and the federal regulations and issued guidance, as well as the law, Orders and Guidance of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Matt continues to represent clients with legal matters of a more diverse nature, including personal injury matters or wrongful death situations, and disputes involving more esoteric issues concerning things like source code, the progeny of rarities and other auction items, disposal of hazardous waste, and the sale of equipment outside of the United States. Most recently, he has been involved in guardianship proceedings in another jurisdiction, which has tweaked his interest in ensuring that the rights of individuals are respected as they age.

Matt’s philosophy is to try to help prospective clients get to where they need to be, and that it is important for a prospective client to find a good fit.